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Feeling worn down after a big session, struggling to eat after your training, looking for a quick and easy way to build muscle. We received the feedback and we created our Recovery blend for you. Carefully crafted with a perfected ratio of Protein to Carbohydrates plus L-Glutamine to support muscle recovery. True Recovery starts here…

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  • Over 30g of Whey Isolate Protein Per Serving
  • 17g of Lean Complex-Carbohydrates (Maltodextrin)
  • 5g of L-Glutamine
  • Informed Sport Batch-Tested and Approved


Our elite protein recovery blend is an optimal mix of Whey Isolate protein, lean complex-carbohydrates and L-glutamine. Designed for optimal recovery after your workout, training or match.


    Supreme Nutrition Recovery Protein can be quickly absorbed into the body, so the optimal time to consume it is within the hour immediately following your workout. It is at this point that the body’s metabolism will be at its highest, and your muscles fibres have just been torn, leaving them in need of full service and repair – which is where our Recovery Protein takes over.



    After exercise, your body synthesises protein to help repair muscle fibres broken down from exercise, and carbohydrates to replenish depleted glycogen stores. Supreme Nutrition Recovery Protein provides a fast acting blend to do just that – with over 33g of premium Whey Isolate protein, and 17g of carbohydrates (including the fast acting, easily digestible Maltodextrin) per serving, the formula supports all areas of recovery.

    Using our highest quality Isolate protein, complex carbohydrates (Maltodextrin) and L-Glutamine we have created this blend with optimum recovery in mind.

    Our Whey Isolate provides you with the highest purity protein available with minimal, close to zero fat. Perfect in aiding your recovery and reaching your protein goals with lean gains only.

    Maltodextrin helps reduce the effects of muscle fatigue and supports muscle growth following your workout. It also contains minimal fat so is a great way to consume carbs without fat gain.

    Finally, by adding L-Glutamine to your diet, you can minimize the breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism. L-glutamine is also great for your gut health too!



    For optimal use, we recommend that you mix 2 heaped scoops (55g daily) of our Recovery Protein with 300ml of water or milk. Increase or decrease water or milk to match your preference and shake well before consuming.


    If you find yourself asking the question: What should I eat after a workout? Then look no further.

    Not only is it perfect for anyone who exercises on a regular basis and needs to replenish lost nutrients but its also the ideal shake to consume after your workout. Our recovery blend will aid your recovery and support you in reducing fatigue levels.

    To give you some science, it is essential to ingest an adequate amount of quick absorbing protein and carbohydrates in the correct ratio so that you can successfully induce both protein synthesis and muscle glycogen replenishment post workout (the two key areas of recovery). Our recovery protein is fast acting and provides exactly that – giving your muscles the fuel they need, when they need it.


    Whey Protein Isolate (Milk, Soya Lecithin)(57%), Maltodextrin, L-Glutamine, Flavouring, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Colour: Beta Carotene, Sweetener: Sucralose


    Nutritional Information 100g / 55g Serving
    Serving size: 2 heaped scoops (55g daily)
    Energy 1605kJ (100G)

    378kcal (100G)

    882.8kJ (55G)

    207kcal (55G)

    Fat 1.1g / 0.6g
    of which saturates 1.1g / 0.5g
    Carbohydrate 30.9g / 17g
    of which sugars 3.2g / 1.8g
    Fibre 0.8g / 0.4g
    Protein 60.9g / 33.5g
    Salt 0.2g / 0.1g
    Other substances  100g / 30g
    L-Glutamine 9g / 5g



Strawberry, Chocolate


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